Dieting While Crazy

This should be a ticket-able offense.

I'm the final stages of the slog toward christmas. I have lists, and lists of lists, and lists to tell me when to use what list. It seems that I an having some significant focus issues and while this is by no means a new problem for me it is compunded by the holiday season. Yesterday I stayed under 1600 calories by the skin of my teeth. I hardly ate anything all day long but then Mutti took me out for Wendy's and a Bacon cheeseburger was calling my name.

It's been months since I've had a cheese burger, and now I know why. My stomach was sitting on the side of the bed this morning when I woke up. She smacked me in the face and said I deserve everything that is going to happen to me today. The rumbling coming from my midsection is intense to say the least and I have indigestion like nobodies business. Ick!

I have discovered that I don't digest beef well. Chicken and fish are just fine, lamb is okay and pork I have no issues with, beef however, causes me issues. So Where's the Beef?

Not on my plate anymore.


Allan said...

A Wendy's Bacon Cheeseburger. Are ya f#$@#cking kidding me ? Did you read that in the pamphlet somewhere ? Was there a typo ? Where ya high ?

The Ninja said...

I know, Iknow; but I'm paying for it, trust me. Today has not been pretty.

Ice Queen said...

I haven't had a burger since last February. Every time we drive past In-N-Out I want to hurl myself through the windows and just eat my way from one end of that place to the other.

Sad... lol

I hope that you don't suffer for too long.

Anonymous said...

My body revolts when I eat stuff like that too. It's just not worth it, is it? Hope your tummy feels better soon. *Hugs*

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