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I did weigh in yesterday and didn't gain. I pushed in a bunch of water yesterday and am doing the same today. Since I'm less dizzy I am going to do my gym time today and have a morning Zumba class tomorrow. I figure I can eat well and exercise and maybe shed a pound or two this week in spite of the holiday. Luckily Jeeves family also usually has some healthy options for turkey day so if I pick well and eat mindfully, I will be alright.

If you use google reader and read my crazy early black Friday post I'm sorry, I was trying out the pre-posting option and didn't do it right. I'm not sure I will have access to a 'puter this weekend.

Got a nutty day going on today, lots to do and not enough time to get it all done. I am going to peel and cut my sweet potatoes today and prepare one of the sides so all I have to do is pop it in the oven tomorrow after the bird comes out. Allen, over at AGB gave some tips on brining and I'm going to try it.

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Amanda said...

I had so many good plans for this week, pre-cooking, etc... SO not happening, LOL.

Good luck to you!!

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