Ninja Turkey

I am cooking for my family today. I am making a turkey, dressing, sweet potatoes and green bean casserole. The SIL that's coming is a vegan, so I am doing the sweet potatoes, green bean casserole, and dressing, vegan. My task, because I chose to accept it, is to make it indistinguishable to my BIL. He's kind of a turd, and I want to trick him. :0)

I do the turkey with herbed butter rubbed under the skin and then I wrap the top of the bird in bacon, yep, bacon. I saw it on Tyler Florence's show last year and the first time I made it, it was like heaven. I do two types of sweet potatoes, one with sweet stuff(splenda and cinnamon) and one with old bay seasoning and olive oil: seriously, give em a try, they are amazing. I am making the green bean casserole from scratch using silk and veggies and a cheese-ish product. I am doing a vegi-based gravy also using silk and some veggie broth and she is bringing the mashed potatoes. Hopefully she likes it.

For the actual turkey day meal tomorrow I am making sweet potato cheesecake to share with Jeeves' family, it has a sour cream sauce drizzled on top and makes me drool. Not lo-cal but if I practice restraint I will feel as though I've earned it. 

What are your holiday plans this year, anyone taking the holiday off and eating at deny's?

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Allan said...

You earned the dessert ? Hmm, that is interesting... Enjoy the day, and nothing says love like Bacon wrapped Turkey.,

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