I'm All Wiggly

Okay, I did actually log the calories I consumed this weekend, I am not proud of myself however I could have done much worse. The cushion calorie deficit I built up last week more than covered the over eating and copious vodka consumption. Today I feel a little like I've just gotten over a bad stomach bug. Nothing really hurts but I feel dizzy and wobbly. I am going to focus on getting lots of water and diet Gatorade today and probably won't even clear a thousand calories. The thought of eating something more than crackers or a protein bar makes me a little queasy.

I haven't weighed in today. I don't know if I will. I'm pretty sure with the booze and salt I am retaining a few pounds of water. We'll see. If I do weigh in I'll let you know what the scale says even if its not a great number. My rings and clothes still fit, so maybe it won't be so awful...maybe

I did an hour in the gym last Friday and have every intention of getting in there again today, unless I'm still icky when quitting time rolls around.

It's Monday so I'll tell you something good. I haven't been ill yet this morning, and it's looking like it might stay that way!


Roxie said...

Sounds like someone had a good night out :) Hope you feel better soon.

Amanda said...

lol! Copious amounts of vodka! Sounds like fun to me!!

The Ninja said...

If I threw up at lease half the booze and some of the food, do I still have to log those calories?

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