The saga continues.

Another day in grumpy town passes after an hour of working out and a trip to the grocery store with mutti and the munches. I can feel the exhaustion kicking off and hopefully after dance class tomorrow I will be back in the sunshine. I have my favorite day of work tomorrow, after 10 days in the office I get to go out to my homes and see the folks I support, and that always makes me feel great, so hopefully tomorrow as a whole will conclude with a Scarlet Ninja, glowing with the moist satisfaction (yeah, I'm going to use this as much as I can now) of a day well spent and an evening of epic and amazing tush shaking (thanks to MrsFatAss for that terminology) 

Horray! tomorrow is Friday! Fidays are good, well usually fridays are good. I have entirely to much to do on the weekends. This weekend beging on friday evening will contain
Leadd Classes
1st birthday of Neice ( and happy B-day to my amazing SIL who I love bunches!!!)
Cleaining out Spare Room
Sunday School
Traing Ride
6 hours of work.

See, this is why i'm so fracking exhausted, I need a vacation from my own damned weekends (grumble, grumble, kick a trashcan, grumble)

Night John Boy...


Roxie said...

I definitely look forward to my Mondays at times. I go to work just to get rest from the weekend!

Hope your Zumba class cures your funk for good :)

Call Me Ishmael said...

Hey, fellow Hottie! Thanks for visiting my blog. Your schedule leaves me need a nap, I have to say! That's a lot of needs (yours and other people's) to juggle in one day. Seriously, kudos for finding time to work out. I'd come up with all sorts of excuses, I'm sure. Good luck with week two of Hot 100!

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