With the exception of a brief period in high school when band camp whipped me into great shape, I have never been "fit girl" I hated working out, it's sweaty, embarrassing, and generally I'd rather stick a pencil in  my eye. Workouts = not fun, right?


I LOVE going to the gym now, the sweat running into my eyes during my cardio feels like the hot sting of success. I also feel like the little devil who sits on my left shoulder gets really bored during the workouts so she takes a nap and doesn't bother me as much, so I'm a nicer person.

My most recent reason for loving the gym is that now the horrible flabby arm wings are starting to shrink into slimmer sorta sexy arms. I may never have the razor shoulders that my Zumba instructor bounces around with, but I think I am starting to dig the svelter ninja out from under the cloak of fat, I can feel mucsle in there when i flex now. The baggie full of pudding is no longer attached to my armpit.  WOOT! Seriously though, zumba lady, -tiny- with like creepy thin shoulders, I bet she is no fun to hug, I wouldn't know she scares me too much to try to hug her.

Also in news that doesn't suck. All of the workout clothes I bought at the beginning of this weight loss excursion are too big. I have taken some of them in but have also had to donate some to the Salvation Army. Seriously that pair I put on last night made me look like one of those crazy before and after shots. My girls got in one leg and I slid into the other, forgot to take a picture but it was pretty funny. The munches then each got in a leg and ran through the house like a pair of fat ghost pants.


Brittany_Va-Voom Vintage said...

fat ghost pants...LMAO!! I would LOVE to see that!

Anonymous said...

Fat ghost pants! is also my favorite part of this entry.

The Fat Mom said...


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