Are. The. Devil.

I was out shopping with grandma today and there were flavored marshmallows at IGA. They are delicious and apparently made by Satan.

Boy, was I right about the food at Gram's, I am pleasantly full of yummy dinner and feeling pretty great about it. Also adding to my lovely happy glow is that I have maintained my deficit today. I am done eating and it is sitting nicely at 600 for today. Go Me! (think Hillshire Farms Commercial Go Meat!)

Tomorrow I might not do as well, but there is a lake here and I may go for a long walk around it.
God, I love it here!

and marshmallows are from hell, which is weird since they melt so easily, gotta wonder how that works out?


Randy said...

Hmmm, marshmallows... Our culinary tastes differ a little bit on those. I think those white, spongy cylinders would be put to much better use as a packing material instead of something to eat, but I'm not your average guy either. Tonight at the grocery store I grabbed a can of chopped clams because I thought they might make a good topping for Triscuits.

But who knows, I may be on to something! That, and my bacon-bits, french fried onions, and Parmesan cheese on top of my morning oatmeal.. ;)

christina said...

N0t a fan of plain marshmellows but give me a smore or pop a banana, peanut butter and a few marshmellows in the microwave...yummo!

When you say you were sitting at 600 - does that mean calories? That seems so low.



The Ninja said...

Randy - I can't figure out that oatmeal thing, but im not a fun of that poridgey-gruel-like gunk that tastes like someone collected crumbs of oatmeal cookies and mized them with cement.

Christina - My deficit was 600, I consumed 1700 yesterday, so not quite so low.

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