Tell Me Something Good!

It has been a trial to figure out something that makes me happy to be awake this monday morning. All I want to do is climb back into bed and sleep until thursday. Making it doubly hard to leave home this morning is the fact that Booger Butt was snuggled in with me all sweet and warm, and when I went to get up she hugged me really tight and told me she wuved me. I teared up a bit, sort of bawled all the way to work.

Being sort of done with food today my "Tell Me" tidbit this week is Pumpkin Pie! not the food, my four year old.
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She is an amazingly sweet and empathetic child and even though she is constantly on the move, yesterday she spent a few hours sitting with me on the couch watching Muppets from Space. It's one of my favorites and we laughed and I tickled her and she gave me so many hugs that it made the craziness of the weekend sort of melt away. I love my girls and as Jeeves and I get closer to the decision to add another little human into the mix I find myself watching a little more closely as the last vestiges of baby slide off my girls and they fully embrace the toddler/kid role.

Oh, okay..then there's these
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I only eat a few every once in a while but they do make me smile and the combo of crispy shell, peanut butter and chocolate, awesome.
Okay Folks, your turn, Tell Me Something Good!


Brittany_Va-Voom Vintage said...

Something Good: fall starts TOMORROW!!! That means pumpkin patch, apple cider, snuggly sweaters,cozy socks, caramel apples, awesome weather, playtime in the park,and for you, Christmas music starts soon...I know how much you love it!! :D

The Ninja said...

OMG Christmas Music!!! I totally didn't even think about that. I start listening to it on November1st and keep on listening until sometime in January. *sigh* I love Christmas.

Randy said...

I like how you query your readers for input. I need to work on that, as sometimes it feels as if my blog is more of a journal than an interactive venue. Thanks for modeling that good behavior for us all!

What's good is that my birthday is tomorrow! What's bad is that I now have 40 surrounded and I'm probably going to eat a bunch of greasy albeit delicious Mexican food to celebrate. Life goes on.

Watch out for those M&Ms. Do what I do and eat only one each minute! ;)

The Ninja said...

I like to talk with folks, not really just at them. I love getting comments, they make my whole day brighter. I do have some sefl control with the m&m's, I only eat one portion at a time, and I count them out, put them in a dixie cup and put the rest away. It's 220 calories but I think it's an acceptable way to spend them, on delicious-ness.

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