Another Wild Weekend, (I know, right?)

So this weekend has been a little crazed, let me share...

First, I woke up early Saturday and went to teach at LEADD classes which are continuing education classes for adult with disabilities. I have been chosen to teach about world cultures and Saturday was Mexico. The reason this is significant is that I made salsa for the class to enjoy while watching a few clips of traditional folk dancing. I made said salsa with the new Ginsu knives which arrived via fed-ex from my lovely pals over at CSN Stores. I just have to say WOW! these are the greatest knives I have ever owned. They do exactly what they claim to do, they are well made, fit into my hand well and make me a happy ninja, plus the Ginsu is totally in keeping with the Ninja aesthetic. See photos of me below cheesing with my new knives and happy as hell.
1 047
 1 044
After class on Saturday I began baking a cake for the baby shower of a freind and found that I didn't have any crisco for making frosting and that my mixer wasn't working anymore. So I used butter for the frosting which made it less stable, but ZOMG was it delicious. I nibbled a little more than I ought to have, I admit it. I bought a new mixer which will only have to serve until I get to 190 or so and then the new stand mixer will be coming home. While I was out buying the mixer, in a rain storm that suggested Jesus did not want me out on the roads that night, Jeeves called and said that I had worked hard and even a few pounds shorter than my goal I deserved a present. He told me to go ahead and buy the food processor, so now this is in my kitchen I'm sort of hesitant to open it, I keep thinking that maybe I should wait until I get to 200 to open it, Do you think it means less if I open it now?
1 039
Sunday morning was Pumpkin Pie's first day of Sunday school. She melted down no less than 4 times, once into a loud screaming puddle on the floor. The only thing that made this okay was that couple of other kids had similar issues. Maybe next time will better. I signed up for this very involved bible study with homework, eh what can I say, I'm a big nerd, gotta flex my nerd muscles to keep them strong.

Then I went to the baby shower which was so great. It was a very small affair only 8 folks, very in keeping with the dynamic this group of friends has always had. Good food, yummy cake, a la me, and fun conversation, plus cute baby stuff, can't be bad, right. Had a ball, ate too much, wayyyy to much. Didn't go over my calories for the day, not even close but the sugar and salt, boof! bad idea, been sucking down water and took a water pill to make sure tomorrow's weigh in doesn't make me cry.

BTW Hannah is Pumpkin Pie and Reagan is Booger Butt. I know it's not exactly equal but the names truly fit.


Randy said...

Congrats on your new Ginsus! I assume you've already cut the soda can in half and then turned to easily cleave a tomato, right? That's what I remember watching on TV in my youth... good old days... I miss those cheesy 80s commercials on TV.

Well to answer your question about the food processor, if I were in your position I would probably tuck it away until I reached my goal. The anticipation of using it and having it be in my kitchen smiling at me each morning would make me even more resolute in achievement, and keep my next goal within reach. Just my $0.02!

BTW, short of seasoning my cast iron pan, I usually steer clear of "frankenfat" shortenings in general. If you've ever read about how it's is made, it looks like something out of a science fiction novel. More butter!

The Ninja said...

You know, I totally didn't cut a can in half, I didn't even think about it. I only use crisco for frosting cause it, like mayo, grosses me out to, but as frosting it really doesn't suck so bad.

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