Backsliding with Buttercream

So I got a troubling email from the Queen of the World(my boss) and spent the majority of my afternoon yesterday freaking out about  the possibility that I might be in trouble. This caused a rather troubling rash of stress induced snacking that included chips, salsa, pretzels, hummus, and frosting.

Who remembers the scene in "Death Becomes Her" when Goldie Hawn grabs a spoon and a container of icing and digs in? Well that was me, no joke, I probably ate a half cup of the stuff before my stomach, full of carbs, salt, tomatoes and sugar, crawled out of my body and knocked me unconscious.

The situation turned out to be less troubling after a follow up email came from the Queen and clarification was requested about an issue that is well in hand. "Phew, dodged that bullet... Wait, I think I'm gonna throw up!" 

Amazingly my weigh in showed me down a pound from last week, sort of freaked me out a bit. 202 is the new total, pretty sure I'm going to have to wire my jaw shut to lose this week. I feel TOM lurking, because I'm starting to have that Nosferatu-esque hunger...   "I Vant to suck on Hershey Kisses!"

Happy Fall Everyone! Who wants Pie?


Dev said...

Yikes! Good thing the situation wasn't as bad as you thought!

I'm not a fan of icing/frosting at all - but ice cream? I definitely would have grabbed the container and gone for it.

Good work on the weigh in!

The Ninja said...

No joke, I was glad the situation was easily resolved. But wow, did I feel dumb for having hoovered all that crap! Today I am eating better and making sure to work out extra hard. I am going to lose those last two pounds by next monday. As Jack Sh#t says, Failure is not an option, just a vaugly unsettling possiblity.

Nicole said...

I'm a first-time commenter, so hello! :) Sometimes...okay, most times...I really love the idea of just sitting down with a container of icing and eating it until my teeth hurt. There's something really satisfying about that.

Stress-induced snacking is the worst, especially when you're stressed out every day. LOL Congrats on the weight loss despite the icing! :D

The Ninja said...

Thanks for the kind words Nicole, and hello! I had to freeze the buttercream, its harder to dig out of the bowl when its frozen, to much work = Ninja doesn't eat it.
My boss stresses me out alot, I don't even think she means to do it, she just has a gift. But between you and me I'd return that crap in a minute and but a blender or something.

Randy said...

Haha, Queen of the World. I have one of those, too. She's a handful and always seems to exude passive-aggressiveness at every turn. I hope she doesn't read your blog and in turn, see this comment.

You know, I once grabbed a container of icing and ate a bunch of it if not the whole thing. I think I loved it (who wouldn't?) but I was miserable later with an incredible case of heartburn. The same goes for my 9th birthday, when I ate about 3/4 of a sheet cake. One more instance that validates my claim of being a lifelong food-abuser.

Your post reminded me of the movie, Amadeus in two ways. First, a scene at the beginning has Salieri's servants eating scones dipped in something that looks an awful lot like icing, but is likely clotted cream. And secondly, Queen of the World? Very similar to Astrifiammante, "Queen of the Night." Thanks for unintentionally taking me back to 1984. Now I'll have to watch it again.

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