Stealth Zumba

So the pink pants and I went to my third Zumba class last night. I had been feeling pretty great about zumba, thought I was getting it pretty good, boy was I mistaken. The instructor, who has the vocal stylings of feivel, from an American Tale, threw in all these new dance moves, which were really fun, but wow it didn't hit me until halfway through my classes today when I suddenly could no longer move my arms. Kind of hard to teach about Mexico's heritage and traditions without the use of your arms. So now I hurt, alot, but pain is gain eh? or maybe in this case pain is loss???

I made the meatloaf again and post workout three of my friends came back to the house, I love those guys, we ate yummy stuff and my girls kept them entertained along with the help of "Spike Can Dance" Look it up on you tube and don't have food or anything in your mouth when you watch it, seriously.

Baby Shower tomorrow, and check Nellie's Cookbook later today for the meatloaf recipe, with pictures.


Randy said...

What in the heck is Zumba anyway? I must have missed the description.. From what I gather it sounds like a "dance your booty off" class. Are you a teacher too? Your blurb about teaching Mexico's heritage and traditions doesn't sound like your average coffee-shop conversation.

Sounds like you're in pain. The good news is that the soreness will lead to more muscle, which will raise your metabolism. Good going!

The Ninja said...

Yeah Zumba is about the ass shaking, and I've got a lot to shake, hehehe.
I'm not a "teacher" but i did contract to do a Saturday morning class for developmentally disabled adults on world cultures, its five weeks for three hours

Erin said...

I would just like to go on record saying how sad I was to miss Friday's class and dinner. :( Sometime soon I will have to join you for this!!!

The Ninja said...

I do it every week and while a sumptuous feast is not always on the docket, there is always food, and it usually tastes good.

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