Here's me, bringing the crazy.

1. What do you miss about being a child? Okay I'm gonna say it, Food. I miss having parties where all of my favorite foods are there and having the stamina and iron stomach to chow on sour patch kids, apple-jacks, peach soda and pizza without waking up the next day bitching. My mouth is sore, I feel sick, I need a mylanta, sweet Jesus my pants won't fit, bitch, bitch, bitch...
2. When you make a life decision, do you use your head or your heart? I'd love to say my heart, because it would make me seem carefree and cool, but much like drazzie, I usually make lists, several of them, then i compare the lists, combine them, re-type them, review them, its sad really.
3. In relation to blogs, how do you feel about commenting. I wish I commented more, i usually check in, read up and click out, but I really do try to leave comments, sometimes my home computer is spiteful and won't let me then I forget...wait, what was I talking about???
4. If life was a flavor would it be savory, sweet or salty. I think savory, savory flavors tend to make me close my eyes and sigh in heavenly  food induced bliss...again, what was I saying? Yeah, so if life has a flavor I think it would be steak.
5. Blog-land question: Whaddya think? I am really excited this week because I got to do my first product review and I finished a cool giveaway,  so this week was pretty great, busy but great!

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