Labor Day!

And I am going to work...blerg! I don't really want to but I do want to be able to take my vacation day a little at a time for the rest of the week, and the quietness of the empty frat house will lend to me getting way more work done, just me and the ghosts.  Ahh, the glory of salaried employment.

I don't work at a college, the frat house is what we call our office. Its a two story brick building where 14 people are packed into 8 offices and often, thanks to my office mate, music of questionable taste comes blaring out when any of the doors are opened. We have strange hours, look suspicious and are unruly and slightly reclusive. The current incarnation of my job title is Qualified Developmental Disabilities Professional, QDDP for short, and Q to those of us who do the job. We jokingly talk about attaching a large white Q to the front of the porch... TOGA! TOGA! TOGA!

All kidding aside, I really like my job and this is going to be a stupidly busy week, but I almost prefer those to the alternative. When I finish the work at my job I am going to come home and clean my kitchen which is just awful, It kind of looks like a kitchen at an actual frat house, I have been neglecting it for a few days and it needs an overhaul. Oh, and while cleaning the kitchen I will be creating the first giveaway for my blog, Hopefully I will have pictures and giveaway entry information for everyone tomorrow.


Anonymous said...

Checking up on the Ninja today. Hey, I just started a Giveaway on my blog today (GMTA). I love the comment, "Music of Questionable Taste." That cracked me up, thinking about some of the shite that has been playing in our office over the years. Easy listening generic music = happy employees.

The Ninja said...

The collective works of Stephan Lynch are his current favorite, with such classics as, "Damn that's an Ugly Baby!" questionable taste indeed!

Stephanie F. said...

I can totally understand wanting to spread out the holiday. I am also eagerly awaiting the give-away info!!

:o) Stephanie

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