Tell Me Something Good!

Mondays are henceforth going to be known as Tell Me Something Good Days!

As we all know the beginning of the work-week is seldom a cause to jump for joy. In addition to kicking off the grind, it is the day I do my weigh in's, yick! So, I try to find something each Monday, or in this case Tuesday, that tickles me in some way. Fair warning this will typically be food...he,he,he, like you didn't see that coming. So at the start of this work-week, and by way of kicking of my new feature I am going to feature three things that make me happy...yeah, they're all foods...
1.) Pumpkin Spice flavored Hershey Kisses: Really there are no words for this, only one really comes to mind, ZOMG!!!! I told Jeeves that these have aphrodisia-spastic qualities, so I expect I will not run out of them. They melt in your mouth and three of them is only 70 calories, three is enough for me.
1 177
2. Archer Farms Granola Mini Bags: I dig granola, anything crunchy is good. I bought these at Target the other day and love em, the granola is good and the bags are only a buck a piece. I had this for breakfast today over some low cal yogurt, not as good as Hershey Kisses but still pretty damn awesome.
1 179
3. Cliff Peanut Butter Pretzel Mojo Bars: Since beginning the trek toward better health, the health food sections of my local big box stores have become frequent haunts, whenever I see something new, I have to try it. I did not have high expectations of this bar but was pleasantly surprised that it is delicious and only 200 cals. This is going to become one of the things I keep in the dufflebag I call a purse. I shared one with the Munches and they loved it, yay, health food that even babies love, WOOT!
1 180
HAPPY MONDAY!!! (okay, Tuesday...shut up)
All right, your turn, tell me somthing good!


Crafty Baker said...

Why can't we get Hersheys kisses in the UK?? And peanut butter pretzels?? Anything with peanut butter is goooooood! x

The Ninja said...

Oh! A life with no Hershey kisses, how tragic!! Can you order them online? They are well worth the shipping cost.

Anonymous said...

Pumpkin Spice Flavoured Kisses...okay, the world has gone insane!!!

I nominated you for an award today. Please pick it up on my blog.

Weightloss Willie said...

MMMMM! Chocolate and pumpkin pie? God has answered my prayer. hehe.
Oh and something good, I twittered your blog!

So follow me on twitter @HelpULoseWeight or read my blog by clicking my name and then blog!

tasha said...

Have not seen the new kisses, and since Herhsye's is my fave choco and I'd marry pumpkin f I could, I will have to track down a bag for myself.

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