Really that's all I have to say, 203.
Only 3 more pounds until my next incentive, who thinks I can do it before next friday, that's 2 weeks to lose 3 pounds, I bet I can.
5 001
this is the next incentive. I told Jeeves that as soon as I get it I am going to start making cauliflower "rice" and we are going to have Chinese style yummy-ness at least once a week. Also the salsa will flow like a river through my house. I use salsa for all kinds of stuff. One of my favorite fast meals is to "bake" a potato in the microwave and put a couple ounces of grilled chicken, salsa and fat free yogurt. About 400 Calories and really very filling.
Stay tuned I should be receiving my product review item in the mail today or tomorrow, Its a Ginsu knife set, 8 pieces of pointy orgasmic steel, When I saw it online I almost wet my pants. I am so freaking pumped about getting to use it...not much funny in this post, sorry, I'll try harder next time, promise.

Blog Poll
Should I wear the dance style pants that look like Zumba pants or should I rock the hot pink ones? Thoughts?... anyone? anyone?...Bueller?


Erin said...

You're doing great! (A lot better than me - but you're inspiring me!)

My vote - pink ones!

Anonymous said...

You can and will do it. Wish I had an awesome cook around...my hubby is pretty good, but I think that every working woman needs a chef. My vote is for pink too.

Randy said...

I love sharp knives. People actually cut themselves more frequently on knives that are dull due to their propensity to slip.

I have a set of J.A. Henckels that I love! A great set of knives... as Julia Child once said, "It's not as important that your knife be able to keep an edge than it be able to take an edge." I couldn't agree more.

When my ship comes in, I'm buying the top-rated J.A. Henckels "Twin" Pro set. Gotta save my pennies!

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