The Finger

I may have mentioned that I am the frazzled mother of two younguns. Last night I was trying vainly to complete 47 various things around my house including cleaning my shamefully awful kitchen, cooking food, doing homework, doing some work from home, and catching up with Anthony Bordain. The Munches were up to their typical hijinks's, which included destruction and shrieking. At my breaking point, the one where I sort of wanted to shove them in the dryer, I stalked into the playroom and sort of spazzed out on them. I don't remember exactly what was said but the general message was, "QUIET!!!!!"

They seemed confused but were wise enough to detect the crazy in the air around me and simmered, quick. For the rest of the evening when they would again reach deafening levels I would hold up my index finger. I believe this worked because we do the one two three thing in my house. I count and hold up fingers and if Mommy gets to three timeout or something being taken away is the result, so they generally chill at one. I like that it works, because it seems sort of fair.

So no one got whacked and at the end of the evening when they had sufficiently bruised their vocal chords, they both climbed up in my lap and fought over each other to kiss me and whisper that they loved me, then they feel asleep, I love it when they sleep. its so quiet and peaceful. To bad i was too dead on my feet to appreciate it, and I soon followed them into unconsciousness. damn, it's been a long week. 

I did manage to do a pretty good workout yesterday. I can tell it was good because I hurt today. I walked a mile and a half around my very hilly neighborhood in about 20 minutes. I felt kind of awesome.


Anonymous said...

I remember those kiddie days. Sometimes 8:00 p.m. just couldn't roll around soon enough. At least your kids cooperate with the theme of your blog...and "simmer."

Way to go on your walk! Keep it up. I feel lazy when I read your schedule...busy lady.

Aimee said...

"where I sort of wanted to shove them in the dryer..."

I <3 you, Nellie.

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