It's Okay, I'm a Ninja

I got from from day 2 of this re-stink-ulously busy work week and realized I needed to cook something for myself and the Munches for dinner. Several issues arose with this realization.
1.) My kitchen was a nightmare disaster, awful and shameful, but true.
2.) I had no readily cook-able protein in my Frigidaire.
3.) I really didn't want to cook (gasp!...yeah I know, but the ninja is whooped)
So I loaded up the dishwasher and put some pasta on to boil thinking whatever I came up with need some form of carby-starchy base. Then I found the bag I forgot to unload from the produce stand! A handful of Roma tomatoes and some squash and zucchini, were a part of this surprise and a meal took shape. I chopped the tomatoes and threw them in the oven with some oregano and olive oil. then I diced the zucchini and squash and sauteed them with salt, pepper and a little olive oil. A quick mix and a pretty easy meal was born, with (triumphant fanfare here) leftovers!!! Now I have lunch for days 3 and 4 of the annoyingly productive week. And! the kitchen is clean and I have some ground turkey, thanks to a trip to the market, so I can make more chili tomorrow, because after all the promises, I forgot to take pictures and Jeeves is whining that he didn't get any of the batch from last week

I'm gearing up for part two of the Zumba experiment, in which the Ninja will see if her enjoyment of the first class was based on reality or wishful thinking. I find myself wanting to do another class in the interim, maybe I will buy the videos, that way I can dance like no one is watching before having to dance when they are...

In Zumba related news: I believe I need to buy a pair of hot pink stretchy cargo pants, since they seem to make Zumba easier and more coordinated. Maybe the glow from them does something to your brain chemistry giving you rhythm you never had before, I must look into this, 47.95 plus tax and shipping does not seem to high a price pay for coordination and Bubblicious awesomeness.


Anonymous said...

Ohhh, Zumba, sounds like fun - at home maybe - lol. I still can't stop thinking about those freakin' pumpkin spice Hershey's Kisses - ha ha.

The Ninja said...

I know, they are what is getting me through this nutzo week at work, I get one an hour, thats less than 200 cals for the day, and I get a mini reward each time I make it 60 mintues without shooting someone.

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