All The Greats Had Nicknames

While idly flipping through my blog roll today I noticed that other significant others have nicknames here and mine (hubs) is not creative enough for me. So after some digging I have decided that the hubs new nickname is going to be Jeeves. He cleans up after me and sort of looks at me down his nose when he thinks I am being crazy so he has that British butler thing going for him, I think it works.

Another thing I noticed was a kid friendly term for lovin. In the spirit of TMI, I decided to share. My girls are still young yet for a "Mommy and Daddy Time" euphemism but we already decided that "reading" was going to be it. Jeeves and I read a lot(actual reading, you know, with books?) specifically before bed, so we think it will work.

Eggplant Meatloaf happened last night and was pretty good with gravy and potatoes but by itself really left much to be desired. I think adding more veggies and garlic will help and I will do that next time. Luckily the potatoes were mashed with squash and fat free plain yogurt so the whole meal was around 400 cals, mot too shabby. Chili will most likely happen tonight, loaded with tomatoes and beans, so much flavor and so good for you.

A new favorite posted her "I Wish Wednesdays" and asked what her readers wished for, well, I'll tell you.

1. I wish I looked more like an damned adult, no matter how I change my look I still feel pre-teen frump city next to other people my age, maybe its my perception, but it really irritates me.
2. I wish I was more patient. My mad meter goes from 2 to 12 in like 7 seconds, you know those 0 to bitch jokes, I think that's me.
3. I wish I could find a way to like dogs, I am not a dog person, the constant please, please, pet me, touch me, love me...its exhausting, just give me a break.
4. I wish I could finish things. I have 7 million started projects all over my life, from work to home, I need some consistency.
5. I wish there was more time. I don't feel guilty for the time I spend with Jeeves and the munches but when other things come up due and have to be done slapdash or on zero sleep it makes me wish there were more hours in a day or that we did not have to work as hard to have what we need.


Randy said...

I have to agree with you on the anti-dog and more-time wishes. I think I would be more content with a 30-hour day as long as the rat race didn't force me to make efficient use of that time. There's a lot to be said for a simpler lifestyle.. I don't think we were meant to live the way we do. There should be more time for peace, quiet, and reflection. And no dogs. ;)

The Ninja said...

right, or really quiet self sufficient dogs who only bother you when they have to pee...

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