So I'm two weeks in and only three pounds down. Yikes, that's all???

But, since figuring helps me relax, I did some math today. If I don't change anything but my calorie intake I can consume up to 1700 calories a day and continue to lose weight and be at my target by the first of the year. Since I nearly never get that high with the exception of last Saturday, oh! the shame, the horror, the egg rolls...sorry, got a little sidetracked there.

For the first six weeks of this life alteration I will be dealing strictly with food. I don't want to burn myself out and create sabotage for myself. Gotta get my food under control before I start making all sorts of other changes. At some point I will be adding 3 30 minute long sessions of exercise a week. That's going to have to wait awhile though, at least until the nacho craving pass.

I -hate- working out in my house, we have bike and lots of space for workout vids, but I prefer to have time outside or at a gym for working, why does it feel to me like that is so much more beneficial?

Me Last Thursday before the egg rolls happened...
2 016

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