Do you really want to be "That Girl?"

People who write weight loss book don't often talk about the in between. The time between when you make the decision to change your life and when it becomes realized. At least you don't hear too much about it. On talk shows they show the triumphant skinny girl sitting next to a large cardboard cutout of herself, they have her stand inside her "fat pants" and hold them out so we can all see how great she has done. Or. even better, her fat pants are big enough for two people to stand in. (Jeepers, that's amazing!)

You hear a lot about what food they ate, how often they exercised, the triumph of loss. What they dont talk about is how the in-between is a big let down. The first ten pounds begin to melt off, slowly if you are doing a real life change, and you feel different but no one can tell. Your pants start to fit better, but if you have a significant amount to lose your pants from 20 pounds ago might even still fit. They are loose but certainly not so loose that two of you can jump inside of them.

Your internal movie looks something like this, "pathetic overweight girl drives her cart filled with diet food through the grocery store as thin people whose carts are filled with hot pockets and vodka whisper and giggle behind thier hands. Who does she think she is fooling, you can't eat those foods and get as big as she is. She tries to be brave as she walks by but the other shoppers are saying, she'll never make it, why bother."

Your whole life changes, and unless you really want to be the obnoxious "I'm on a diet girl" no one even knows...

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