One Week In...

and really to early to tell much. Since I haven't cut anything out of my diet aside for regular soda and energy drinks I don't really feel all that deprived. I am going to weigh myself either today or tomorrow, and see where a week of low calorie has gotten me.
I am having my DH take a before pic of me today, One I can use as the weeks go by to see if I am meeting my goals. I have some photos from before I started the diet as well, back when I am sure I was close to 250 pounds, but I didn't get on a scale for fear that it might explode. I'm pretty sure February of this year is when I was at my largest. Later, when more has happened I will find a photo from then and compare to a recent one, we'll see if I can be a before and after! Wouldn't that be cool.
My kids seem to be responding pretty well to the change as well, they are eating the fruits right along with me and Reagan even had a whole low cal taco for dinner yesterday. Hannah is a little more resistant, she wants to eat cookies and lollipops, but since we really don't have cookies in the house anymore, she will have to deal.

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