Steel Working Woman

Lets be very clear, I despise oatmeal. The gummy, gooey, wallpaper paste, non-flavor of oatmeal gives me the creeps.
Don't. Like. It.
I always have and in spite of it's purported health benefits, I have been unable to find a way to enjoy it, up till now.

However I was intrigued by the steel-cut (or Irish) oatmeal I kept seeing in the stores and online in various recipes covered in nuts, fruit, granola and other yummies. Who wouldn't want to eat something that looks so delicious.

So, with adventure in my heart and an empty stomach I planned breakfast. Last night I mixed up a half cup of milk, a quarter cup of oats and some vanilla yogurt. I let it sit over night and this morning packed up s tablespoon of grape-nuts, a banana and some peanut butter along with my bowl of oat soup and headed to work. I sliced the bananas, put in a dollop of peanut butter and mixed it all together with hope that I hadn't made a terrible mistake.
This peanut butter...there are no words....

Turns out, it's pretty great. If it keeps me full for as long as the inter-webs tells me it will, I feel like it will be a good morning food option. I'm trying to get to the point where I am eating the proper servings of foods that are good for me and not trying to pack a huge bulk of low cal, low nutrition food into myself and hoping to feel full enough to avoid shoveling crap into my face.  We'll see how it works.

Food is Fuel!


Julie said...

Is it creamy yummy or lump yucky or sticky gross but tastes good?
I need something too and this sounds simple enough for me to even take on trips as long as I can warm it up some.
Take care. Blessings!!!

The Ninja said...

It's creamy and yummy with little chewy bits in it. like when you soak grape nuts in yogurt before you eat them. Really quite good, today I'm having it with choc chips, banana and peanut butter. under 400 cals and so delish.

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