Of Mice and Women

Last weekend's plans started out with such promise. I was going to the lake, with my girl friends, sans kids for 3 whole days. 


Then I got a cough which never really developed into anything but stuck around all week, nagging and irritating and almost pant wetting for a few days. 

suck town. 

Then I spent all of Thursday night awake and coughing, hacking, sputtering and spazzing. It was not a fun way to spend the evening, BUT! I was going on vacation (sing that, it sounds better)

I get up to shower and then head out for the weekend and suddenly my chest hurts, and I can't catch my breath and I nearly black out in the shower. Whoa, wait, what?

Change of Plans: Preggo goes to the ER instead of the lake with the besties Friday morning. 

After a few hours in the ER, verdict: I have an upper respiratory infection aggravated by allergies and take some mucinex, you're not going to die, Huzzah! plans back on. 

So, I hitch a ride with Red who had to work Friday and we get to the lack around 11:30 at night, after a harrowing drive through the hanging gardens of Babylon, the land before time, and the Shire. Seriously our directions had us wondering if we were going to end up driving off the edge of the world for a little bit.

Saturday we spend relaxing, laying out in the most excellent sun and swimming in the slightly brown lake. Super awesome. good food, good time with the ladies who make me laugh, a trip to Hoosier wal-mart, and the day passed with relative ease and enjoyment. 


We stayed up late and at around 2 pm I made my fort of pillows, climbed in and settled down to enjoy the bed which contained no one but me. 

at about 4 am I woke up feeling like Thor had been hammering into my right arm for the last two hours! It hurt to think about moving my arm. I worked out that nothing was broken and then propped it up on some pillows and willed myself to go back to sleep because perhaps this was all just a bad dream....


45 minutes later I'm awake again, and it still hurts, what the hell, try to get back to sleep.....
and repeat until around 10 am, when i gave up on sleeping well and got up. Ice only helped a little, Tylenol not at all and finally against doctors orders I grabbed some ibuprofen and swallowed that as well. I tucked my angry arm inside my bra and shirt immobilizing it against my body and getting real familiar with my left boob and when that seemed to help I decided a sling was in order. 

After another trip to the Hoosier Walmart I came out with a sling and a wrap for my CTS prone right wrist, got everything wrapped up and spent the rest of the day in "relative" comfort. We shopped at the outlet mall and I picked up things for my family, who I was starting to miss, and got myself some fun lotion things and the Bath and Body Works. 

I get home around 9 on Sunday night and head to bed with a muscle relaxer and hot sock to ease away the last of whatever the frack was wrong with my shoulder and wake to only slightly less intense pain, stay home from work, putter around the house all day, and then get ready for bed along with the munches. 

Then it happened. 


Apparently I had gotten a sunburn on the most excellent laying out in the sun portion of Saturday. It didn't even register on the pain scale so I hadn't been to concerned about it. I should have been. 

I felt like a drug addict having a bad trip, I was convulsing and yelling and crying and rubbing my itchy back on everything I could think of that would provide relief. 

nothing worked. 

I took Benadryl and Tylenol and a muscle relaxer and had Jeeves slathering inches of aloe goo on my back and nothing was helping. Finally we consulted the Google machine and someone recommended ice packs ...numb the skin?


So, I sat with frozen hot dog buns, vegetables and other assorted grocery items pressed against my back while the last of the twitches faded, the muscle relaxer kicked in and I felt tired enough to not care about the itching and went to bed. 

My relaxing weekend turned into an exercise in sick, pain and crazy. 

To their credit, none of the awesome group I was traveling with got sick of me and threw me in the lake, so thanks for that guys, I hope I didn't dampen your fun this weekend. 

Lets do it again soon!

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