Crafting, Sorting, Listing, Trashing, Etc

The past few weeks I have been hanging at home for the most part because I'm on a bit of a budget lock down and need to save money for the things happening in the next week. In case you've never met me I can justify just about any purchase under the sun especially craft supplies and baby shit. So in light of my sequestration (< is that a word?) I've been doing some work.

I have been crocheting like a mad woman, including several baby items, a blanket, a sweater, some washcloths, and various other things that strike my fancy. I sort of figured out that baking, cooking and crafting are the outlets my body chooses for nesting and now that I've hit 23 weeks and have between 15-17 weeks to go, I'm starting to feel it.

I've also been sorting. the baby clothes had been overtaking my closet and with the new addition on the way I'm actually going to create a nursery and so I needed to move shit back and forth between two rooms.In the past 12 months there has been a sort of musical bedroom activity happening in our home. Currently Doodle and I are sleeping in one room, a giant pile of assorted whatnot resides in the soon to be baby room and the girls room had become a pigsty. Shit needs to be worked out.

Lists make me happy so when I'm in asinine meetings I make and remake lists and then when I have 2 or more of the same list made I compare them, re-write them, dispose of the extra papers, and put the uber lists I my purse to forget about until I go through the process again and realize I have 2 uber lists and have to create a supreme list. Yes I realize this borders on madness, at least I'm not doing drugs.

During the purge of the crap in my daughters' room I rounded up two trash bags worth of broken crap, McDonald's toys, paper scraps, dried out markers, bills that hadn't been paid, and a lunch box that smelled odd enough I didn't open it to figure out what was inside. I also rounded up a whole trash bag full of toys to donate to charity and we still haven't gone through the pile of crap in the playroom/spare room of death. Good lord.

So this is week 23, shit is getting done, I've been married for 9 years, and I'm ready for the weekend during which I will be at the lake, with my girl freinds, swimming and eating, and not changing diapers or getting anyone anything to drink. Bliss.

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Julie said...

You have your hands full. Going through the house is a good idea to make room for more. I do the same thing but now it's just to tone down the stuff. Mike has left the nest and daycare will be ending this year so there's lots and lots to have head out the door.
Take care and have a blessed weekend~

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