Okay Jeeves, we get it, your the best

Okay, so I know that I occasionally complain about the dude-ness and man screw ups committed by my husband, but this weekend he was a prince.

Mother's day is a day, just like any other but he turned it into a weekend of awesome. I went to bed friday night and woke up to a totally clean house and cinnamon rolls for breakfast. Then Mutti took the kids and I went for a 90 minute prenatal massage and reflexology session. (ZOMG) Then I came home, picked up the family and we all went out for Saint Louis style pizza with my Mutti and the Grands.

Sunday we went to church, and then had a BBQ with my extended family on my mother's side and then came home and relaxed for the rest of the night. Preggo hormones reared their ugly heads last night to make me weepy and sad for reasons unknown but all in all it was a lovely weekend.

He went a little overboard with the gifts and laid out for me on table was a memory foam pillow, red roses, cardinals pajamas, a lovely card, chips, salsa, a new bath towel, and sour patch kids from my family...they know me so well.

I also received two hand painted mugs from my little girls and countless flowers, hugs, kisses and I love you's all weekend. It was so nice, and made me feel very pampered and loved.

Sometimes it's nice to be the momma.

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Julie said...

That sounds like the most awesome Mother's day. So glad you had a great time and some relaxing and well deserved rest.

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