Because...Oh My God!

Look, I know I've been sort of crappy with the posting lately, but to be fair, I am growing a human, working full time and raising three short people. The three short people will be the topic of my rant today.

Last night Erin and I got together, originally to have some outside time enjoying the weather but 10 mintues before that was supposed to happen, Missouri happened and the balmy breezy gorgeous day turned into a gray dreary afternoon. So after sewing Pumpkin's girl scout patches onto her vest, we opted for a trip to the craft store which then became dinner at a local "kids eat free' place.

An Aside: Kids eat free is every mothers wet dream. When you are at home and have nothing to feed your kids they are hungry enough to chew the paint off the walls, however when you take them out for dinner at a sit down joint they would rather wash fishy dishes then eat the obvious swill (read: actual good food) that has been placed in front of them. Cripes, when will I understand them?

I have been attempting to avoid spanking my children and trying not to yell. Yesterday tested that resolve, big time. While in the store they were whining and difficult and running away and arguing with each other, ad infinitum. Make a long story short, they were being super, duper bratty and I wanted to whack someone on the butt.

But we were hungry and I did not want to cook, so we went across the parking lot to O'Charley's and got steak dinner for us and kid food for them. Doodle Bug ate like a champ, a huge helping of mac and cheese and broccoli.The other two not so much. Pumpkin ate her food but when Erin and I suggested that she might earn a special treat if she were to try a bite of CHEESE COVERED BROCCOLI, she became the rudest child I've ever met. Sunshine ate two rolls and then refused to eat anything else and then started crawling around under the table and singing and trying to lay down in her chair.

I don't know when I lost control of my kids but last night the behavior was not what I expect from them. Erin and I decided that a point needed to be made, so we drove through the golden arches and for 2.16 we proved that when you are not polite you have to watch while other people get treats. We didn't want ice cream cones but we each ate one, making sure to mention how good they were and how glad we were that we had eaten our broccoli so we could have a treat. Then when we got home, I had them take a bath, clean their room and go to bed.

Fast forward to this morning, Pumpkin says to me that she doesn't want to go to school because she is going to have a bad day because last night I didn't let them watch TV or give them a treat. I said something to the effect of, "You earned that situation, I'm the mommy and its my job to teach you to be good, you change your behavior and I'll be able to change mine." she just glared at me.

Sometimes instead of spanking and crying, there is ice cream and clean bedroom.


Amanda said...

Creative Discipline 101 -- you haz it :D

♥ Drazil ♥ said...

Kids test us every damn day don't they? Ugh. You did good.

Julie said...

You did awesome. I'm not sure I could of done that. A great lesson taught and learned.
I hope you get a bit of time just to relax and enjoy your weekend.

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