Baby Love: #1 - Pumpkin Girl

It's no secret that I'm a momma. I love my babies to pieces and in the great hush before the storm that having 4 kids will undoubtedly be, I'm feeling nostalgic, and emotional and in love with my babies (well okay, my baby and two Big Girls, they hate it when I call them my babies.)

I find my self spending great amounts of time just being with them, soaking up all of them, the things that make them, them.

My Pumpkin Girl: My 1st Baby.
She is six and a half now. She wants to build a real robot fish, (god only knows how I am going to make that dream come true) She has a hard time when she doesn't have the right answer to a problem right away and she tends to freeze up when someone asks her to try something new.

She is a Daisy Girl Scout, finishing her very first year in the organization. She has earned all of her daisy petals and even remembers some of the names of them. She is proud of her Tunic and the patches and badges on it. She likes to pull it out and talk about the different things we have done to earn them. She loves meetings, and selling cookies, and saying the promise and I'm pretty sure she enjoys the time we get to spend, just her and I doing lots of Girl Scout things together. She gets super excited when it's a meeting day and says, "just you and me, Mommy?" when I say that it's time to go.
She loves playing outside, the freedom to run, and throw balls and swing and slide and climb on things is like a drug for her. She wants badly to be able to roller skate well and ride a bike without training wheels. She even drew a picture of the three steps it takes to learn how to ride a bike with no training wheels. That being said she also knows how to relax like no 6 year old I have ever seen. She will cuddle right up next to you with a blanket and watch TV all day when the mood strikes her.

She is so set in her ways, so resistant to change. We have to prepare her with much talking and sometimes even diagrams when something new is going to happen. Then we discuss, ad nauseum, until she feels confident that she knows what to expect, but you can still see in her face the barest hint of anxiety when the new comes along, not sure if it's going to roll out the way Mommy and Daddy told her it would.
Hannah 2-12
She likes to play along with her favorite TV shows and is happiest when she can pull out toys that match the shows and act out the on screen shenanigans. Her favorites these days are Octonauts and Doc McStuffins. She also really loves playing on the computer, the games and activities at Disney Jr's website are a powerful motivator for her. I can even get her to clean the play room!

She is the sweetest most thoughtful little girl I have ever known. When someone she loves is sick or hurting she wants to hug and kiss all the bad things away. She knows the power of a good hug and never does it halfway. She also is quite the kisser and gives everyone a hug and kiss when leaving, even if she doesn't know you very well.
She is starting to show signs of sarcasm and wears her dry sense of humor on her adorable little face. It's just amazing that she has been a part of my life for over 7 years (pregnancy included) I'm so proud to be her Momma.

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Erin said...

I want to add to this post with things about her.

But this is not my post.

Love her.

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