Bible Study Update: 1

Morning All,

I did some research yesterday and I think I may have landed on a topic for my bible study. I am beginning this process with some research and my first topic is going to be the parables of Jesus. I want to find a way to connect these abstract teachings of our lord with parenting and leading a christian family. Hopefully it is a good direction, I'm going to step out with faith and ask the lord to bless my actions or show me the way I should turn if this path is not correct.

I am going to have to pull in some other resources for this, because I have never written anything like this before. I'll have more information about that when I figure out what they are.

So this weekend Jeeves and I are going on a date and heading to the Christian book store to find a book or bible study about the parables and see what other resource material I can find.

Here's to getting things rolling.

Have a great Thursday!


AlmostGastricBypass said...

Ah Geez, really...

The Ninja said...

Don't worry Allan, I haven't changed. I'm still a smart ass. I'm not gonna be a bible thumper blog girl, but I do have faith and want to share it a little.

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