Week 33: Limping Along

Interesting Observation: When you have sciatica on the right side and a pulled adductor tendon on the left side, you can't figure out which side to limp on. Yesterday my sciatica wasn't causing me any problems, but today since I spent yesterday favoring the right (torn adductor) leg the sciatica is flaring up. It wouldn't be so bad, however, the pulled tendon is more painful today than yesterday because I was up and about all day. So I'm walking really, really slow, looking a bit like a malfunctioning robot, and getting tons of sympathetic looks from the people who pass me in the hall at work.

Jeeves is irritated with me for not taking it easier, (get ready, this is pretty huge) and I'm going to admit something here, He has taught me something important. Big Announcement: I'm not a sympathetic person when it comes to pain and injuries. I think it stems from my own inability to recognize and respect limitations when I hurt myself. I don't stop going so I expect others will simply push through the pain the way I do. When someone asks me to do something that I know I would just do for myself, I get all uptight and stupid about it. I believe God is showing me a place where I need to do some growth.  I'm a little Judgy McJudgerson about it and it occurs to me, as Jeeves is waiting on me, taking care of the munches and working midnight shifts, I am wrong.  I should respond with compassion when someone needs my help, no matter the situation. I'm gonna work on that.

So, week 33; it's another pretty dull week. More growing, he's about 4 pounds and 17 inches long at this point. He's moving a lot and has found my bladder a few times with a well placed kick that sends me speed-waddling to the ladies room. I'm feeling very slow and cumbersome, wishing for a good run, missing zumba and funny enough, not hungry at all. I have been using slim-fast and special K drinks to help me get my calorie intake as drinking seems to be easier than eating these days. That and sugar free pudding, I can't seem to get enough of that stuff and it goes down pretty easy.

I know that technically I have 7 weeks left, 49 days, but I'm still pretty sure he's going to be a little early, so I've started thinking about it in terms of only having 6 weeks left. That way I'll be sure things get done, unless he shows up even earlier. Just my luck that he'd be a leap year baby and due at the beginning of March, lets all hold our breath and squeeze our knees the whole day of the 29th of February, mmmkay?

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Julie said...

Take care of yourself my dear. I bet you are feeling pretty sore. Let hubby help you and stop feeling bad.
Relax and heal. Blessings!!

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