Am I gonna make it doc?

I went to the OB today and she says everything is going well, and that the baby is measuring a tiny bit big, which means he may come earlier (Ha! I knew I was right about that) I have not gained any weight in the last three weeks, which is pretty cool and also surprising. Squirts heart rate was 136, and my BP was 122/72.

She also mentioned that at my next appointment she will start checking me for dilation. To the non-moms out there and as a means of freaking out my first time pregnant friends. This means that for the next 5-7 weeks I get to have a person who I'm not married to sticking a hand in my lady business once a week to see if my cervix is opening at all in preparation for Baby Exit Day. Some history: I never dilated with the munches. I stayed at less than 1, up until the day before I naturally went into labor. Nothing ever irritated me as much as nosy strangers asking about the state of my cervix (Oh, It's fine, how are your bowel movements? jerk wad) and then being all, "oh, you're not dilated yet, you've got a ways to go."

lies, from the lying liars who tell them.

Anyway, It's a gloomy day in Missouri and I'm going to eat some Red Lobster leftovers for lunch. I went out with Mutti, Jeeves, the Munches, Felix, Brit, Liv and Beets last night and added to the fact that we have wonderful yummy food, all of the children (4 of them) were well behaved and actually ate their meals. It was a birthday miracle! Felix and I have birthdays that are 8 days apart, so we celebrated together as a family, and it was really, really nice. I ordered some shrimp and scallop pasta and the serving they brought was enough for 6 people, so I have lunches for the rest of the week. yum!


AlmostGastricBypass said...

Sometimes, reading "Cooking it Off" pre-lunch is diet aid that I never would have conceived (sorry) was going to work. It does.. Congrats again

Losing It said...

HATED cervix checks. Ugh.

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