Week 32: "The List"

It's week 32, 8 weeks to go if we make it to the due date. I still feel like he's going to come a little earlier which makes it closer to 7 weeks and if you've ever done this before you know the momentum with which it feels like everything is accelerating right now. I'm getting anxious that I won't be able to finish everything. Squirt technically has everything he needs to survive on the outside, but babies are best well baked so we'll hope he stays in there a while longer.

What's the list? My fellow moms know. It's the very ambitious, anxiety producing, probably undo-able, ultimately unimportant TO-DO LIST before the tiny squirmy terrorist shows up. Stuff that needs to get done while he's still on the inside, or it won't get done until the fall, which is unacceptable. To make things more deal-able I have actually created two lists. the "have to" list and the "want to" list. If we can finish the items on the "have to" list before Squirt comes I'll be okay, but if I get them done and still have some time for the other things, stuff on the "want to" list, I'll be pretty happy.

On the Have-to list:
-Get the bassinet from Mom's house
-Recover the cushions on the rocking chair
-Move the Christmas stuff out to the shed.
-Pack the hospital bag
-Get work stuff ready for maternity leave
-Nursery Shopping: Lamp, bed skirt, clothing storage and heater
-get baby clothes organized and put away.
-take the munches shopping for a gift for their new brother
-get gifts for the munches, from the baby brother.

On the Want-to list:
-finish Squirt's christening outfit.
-make nursing shirts.
-stock freezer with ready to heat/eat meals.
-make Munches Easter dresses.
-do another office organization, last one Jeeves, I promise.
-make Robot rag quilt.
-make nursery decorations
-make hats and misc stuff for newborn photos. (pinterest is the devil)

In news that makes me smile I found some cute clothes at Kohls this weekend, and it will all work for both before the baby and after, with a few alterations. I'm still in large maternity clothes, it's all belly, so I'm feeling a little better about the weight gain. I'm pretty sure I'm going to be able to keep it under 210 for the remainder of my sentence, so after Squirt comes out and my body has a few weeks to get rid of the extra blood volume, fluids and other stuff I'll be well on my way back to 173, which was my lowest before pregnancy. Anybody can lose 25 pounds in a year right, especially a mother of three who works full time, likes to be at the gym and is breastfeeding. Halloween 2012 Baby, I'm gonna be the skinny-est yard gnome you've ever seen. (did I mention that I plan for Halloween  months ahead of time, cause it's my guilty pleasure, lists, planning, more lists, more planning. We are going to have a windmill for the back of the van for Trunk or Treat, and a tiny bearded yard gnome. I want it to be tomorrow, I'm so excited)

Alright, I need to get some stuff done, have a great day ya'll.


Julie said...

List, you know I don't do to many of them. I just remember what I want to do and if I forgot, well I'm sure I'll either remember later on or it wasn't to important.
Halloween, my girl are you ahead. However when Mike was little and I was making the costumes for him and Scott I was thinking about now time too.
Take care and get to your lists and also find time to rest because that's not on your list and really you need to do that too.
Blessings my friend!

Losing It said...

I can't believe you are so close. 32 weeks ahhhh!

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