So, so very much stupid

I have been dealing with some work stuff for the last two days and unable to post or think much. I have entirely too much attitude these days to be responsible for helping others to check theirs. My internal dialogue for the last two days has been something along these lines "stow it, and do your damn job, fools!" (rinse, repeat)

Anybody hear me?

I thought so.

I miss beer...


Ana said...

Oh I hear you...and I'm a stay at home mom right now. But I hear you loud and clear! Let's cut the crap, get it done, do it right!

(ps--I'm not talking about my babes...they're awesome little possums...it's the other people, lol!)

Julie said...

Good thing the weekend is here. Hopefully you can rest and relax a bit before heading back out on Monday.
Take care and have a blessed weekend!!

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