Week 27: Cauliflower? Really?

So, we are in week 27 and Squirt is about 2 pounds and about 14-15 inches long this week. His little "jewels" should have fully descended by now and his system can regulate his body temperature. I'm heading toward the third trimester, otherwise known as the days of lumbering, weepy, lunacy.

The baby website says that squirt is the size (weight?) of a head of cauliflower now, I've had two cauliflower headed baby dreams since reading that, more like nightmares really, because people starting breaking off pieces of his head and dipping them in ranch sauce. (um, wtf?)

I'm busy with work and crafting, so I don't have much else to say today. Here are some of the gifts I've made so far, but no identifiers because I have family that read the blog.

Pretty Ear Warmers.

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Erin said...

I want to learn to make those.

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