Candyland, and Pot-Lucky Death

Yesterday Mutti stayed home from work in the am to watch the Munches so Jeeves and I could attend a work Christmas lunch together. Mutti, Jeeves and I all work for the same organization and Jeeves and I are on the same team. So we ate, drank, played a trivia game and were generally merry and bright. It was a good time and it was a pot luck so I ate a ton of yummy goodies.

Then I picked up the munches at Mutti's house and when I got there, they were playing Candyland, and having a ball! It was like looking back into my childhood; my Mutti was in her pajamas sitting at the kitchen table, which we have had since I was 5, and playing Candyland *nostalgia*
I'll confess I teared up a bit, in the good, happy, mommy way of course. (which btw is way better than the psycho, hormonal, preggo way) It looks like it's time to break out don't spill the beans, cootie and candyland at our house. (turn taking games are important for development, so I'm thrilled that they enjoyed it as much as they did.)

So after a quick run to the goodwill (goodbye crap!) and a trip to the grocery store (ever tried to maneuver a car-cart through ShopNSave on "10 dollar off 50 dollar purchase Thursdays?" No? well, it's not easy) and then a cleanup of the crap that had taken up residence in the back of the van I got home around 4 PM.

At this point I had every intention of setting up camp in the kitchen and doing laundry, cleaning the kitchen and crocheting the last of the 9 head scarves a lady from work ordered. I ended up laying on the couch with the munches pitcher of lemonade on the floor next to me so I didn't have to get up except for the -numerous- trips to the bathroom (most of which were done at a near crawl) to empty the contents of my very, very angry stomach. The poor munches were so worried and every time I'd get up Pumpkin would come hold my hand so she could "help me walk". The girls ended up eating cereal, peanut butter crackers and pop tarts for dinner, because those were things Pumpkin could reach and open for them. I was in bed by 10, and slept until almost 9 this morning. I'm still not feeling right, but since I haven't gotten ill since last night I'm thinking it must have been something I ate versus an actual bug.

I did not have time for that, I'm so irritated that I'm behind now and I have so much to do. Work has been a joke this week, I feel like I've gotten nothing done, and it's going to bite me in the butt. I will probably not post much this weekend, but I'll have some photos and excitement for you all on Monday.

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Laura Belle said...

Ahhh, I hope you feel better!

I think we're all just falling apart on here!!

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