So.....um, no.

So after a rough day yesterday which surprisingly did not get much better when I left work, I snarked at jeeves some more, let Mutti cook me dinner, did some crafting and then managed to get home to bed before midnight.
I'm tired and it's a bad season for wanting to be a slug.

Slugs freeze in the winter you know.

Nah, I'm not feeling it

Happy Friday Everyone.  


Sarah G said...

Happy Friday, Ninja. Hope you get your happy groove back soon. ;)

TheFondueGoddess said...

Happy Friday, dear one! Never fear, you aren't alone in the holiday slug fest!

Julie said...

It's Saturday, it'll be better. Relax a bit today and do some snuggling and take time for you. Hide in the corner with a book and a banana and just enjoy.
Take care and have a blessed weekend.

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