Pillows and Projects

I have to make this.

I'm sort of done with the pillows I have, many of them are flat and sad. So I'm going to buy some new pillows and turn the stuffing from the ones I have into this pregnancy savvy pillow that should make the next fourteen weeks a little more comfortable.

I have a coupon for Hobby Lobby so I'll be able to get the fabric to cover the pillow, a nice soft jersey knit, for under six bucks.This pillow costs fifty dollars at Wal-mart, but supplies to make one (batting and fabric) are less than 20, so maybe I'll make one for each of my two awesome friends who are beginning the baby making journey to help them be more comfy. (Brie and Aimes, don't read this or pretend to be surprised when I give you your awesome pillows.)

It's the weekend and I am baking with Mutti, crafting and hopefully getting way far ahead on my Christmas gift list. I came up with a super cute T-shirt idea to give to some family members so I'll probably be painting with the munches this weekend as well. I'm so glad it's Christmas time!


Amanda said...

I can't see the pillow picture but I know what they look like!!

You are so darn crafty useful crafts too!1

Julie said...

I couldn't see the pillow pic either however you are one of the most crafty persons I know so I can imagine it's wonderful.
Take care my friend and have a blessed evening.

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