Happy Friday

Okay, so the week has finally calmed down and I'm looking forward to this weekend. Jeeves is going out of town until at least Sunday night, and I will be hanging with my munches for the next few days. We are going to chill and probably spend some time at McDonald's so they can tear through the play place for a few hours. Yay for expending energy. Technically I'm off work Monday so it's a three day weekend. I'll be visiting some girlfriends, with the munches on saturday night, but probably not staying out until the ball drops.

In light of the recent irritation I have chronicled on this forum I've decided to lighten the mood today and share a few things that are good, namely...foods.

Yesterday morning I went with Mutti through the drive through at Jack in the Box and ordered a sandwich I had never had before. I was a grilled breakfast sandwich with cheese, eggs and ham on sourdough I think. Anyway it was heavenly. So if you are lucky enough to have a JITB near your house try one of these yummy things from the breakfast menu.
cheesy,hammy goodness, put it in your face.
Secondly, last night Jeeves and I went out on a date (yeah, I forgave him for being a schmuck and we had a good talk) to dinner and a movie. We saw the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, (which I really enjoyed in spite of the fact that I haven't read the book and it got a few bad reviews from people I know) and then went to Applebee's for dinner where I indulged in The Double Barrel Whiskey Sirloins Sizzling Entree. It was very, very good and I'd recommend it to anyone who enjoys steak and mushrooms.
mmmmmmm, steak....
Anyway, it's a happy Friday and my back hasn't hurt in about three days, so I'm feeling a little better about the next 8-10 weeks. I have a mountain of laundry to do and fold tonight, but it's all good because I also have a slew of TIVOed TV to watch and munches who want to help with the laundry. Plus, I bought some new dryer sheets that make my whole house smell really nice, not just the clothes but the whole house smells like fresh clean laundry, it's lovely.

Here's some photos from last weekend, enjoy and Happy New Year!
New Preggo-Pillow, *Bliss*

These Lalaloopsy things are creepy.

Sunshine's Raggedy Ann Doll from Mutti

Sunshine and her new little boy baby doll.

Pumpkin's Puzzle Book

Princess Lillifee Book, from one of their favorite shows.

Jeeves' new Tailgating Scarf, it has pockets!

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