Week 17: Wanted: One Sane Brain

It's the first day of week 17 and all I can say is that I'm working it out. I've got some round ligament pain and the baby is moving and grooving more and more, typically in the evenings and at bedtime. I can feel a hard lump in the area that the experts tell me the baby is hanging out. I feel a little crazy, which is pretty common for me during pregnancy. I get a bit wiggy, where everything freaks me out and I'm huge ball of wriggling worry and I need my family and friends to tell me to just stop it.

Baby Center says the baby is 5 inches long and weighs about 5 ounces, about the size of an average turnip. Baby Gaga says it's 6 inches long, either way Squirt is getting bigger and now according to both sites her arms and legs are proportional to the rest of her body. Well sort of, because babies heads are huge when they are born, if they were the right size for the rest of their bodies they'd look like little voodoo shrunken heads.

Squirt has pretty good range of motion in all of her appendages and is developing her sense of hearing. Her ears are not fully functional but she is starting to be able to discern sounds and soon will be able to pick my voice out of the many other sounds happening in her environment. It's very loud in the womb, and with both of the girls we used a noise machine that did waves sounds and it helped tremendously with keeping them asleep.

Another cool thing is that if Squirt is in fact a girl, she already is creating egg cells for when she's old enough to have children (35?) My little brother and I were blessed with parents who explained the human body very well and I distinctly remember a conversation between my mother myself and Felix when he was about 5 maybe, and he was so upset that I already had eggs but his sperm were not yet in the process of production. Mutti was so funny, she told him that he should be happy because I only had the amount of eggs I had and he could make sperm until the day he died, and that seemed to satisfy him.

This Week's Cartoon

Rather apropos after my last post I think...
Thanks Baby Gaga

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