Baking, lots of baking

Last night I followed a recipe I found on another blog and hollowed out some apples, filled them with sugar and pecans and served them warm with ice cream and pie crust cookie crunchy things. Erin came over and baked with me and the girls helped out a bunch, it was a fun night, full of yummy smells and taste testing. Sunshine knocked over a whole bowl of pecan filling and we had some brownie batter face painting going on, but otherwise awesome.

I watched about 10 minutes of "American Horror Story" and became so freaked that extra prayers for good dreams happened at my house last night. It turns out they work, I had a dream about a mysterious benefactor coming and fixing my car. not too shabby.

Project "make room for baby" made some strides yesterday when I went through every bit of craft crap in the office and came away with about 6 trash-bags full of crap for the trash or the donation box, now everything fit, with room to spare, in the closet of the office and we are one step closer to having usable space in every room of our home. Now Jeeves has to clean up his half of the office so we can work on the last bit of junk in the spare room. 

Mutti posed a question I had not thought about, what decorating am I going to do in the nursery. I hadn't even gotten there yet, any suggestions? Both of the girls had Peter Rabbit decorations, should I just move that over to the babies room? (which would mean no new decorations to purchase.)

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Julie said...

Baby don't care, so use the old decorations and save the $$ for another project later on. My thoughts anyways. :o)

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