Holy Boobs Batman!

I have now gained my first pound of the pregnancy. (176) I'm pretty sure it's all boobs.

For real folks, my usually meager bust has begun to swell, leaving poor Jeeves drooling like the wolf in the Merry Melodies cartoons when the bombshell walks by. You know, where his eyes do a slot machine roll, land on cherries, and then he begins howling and stomping his foot? Yeah, you know what I'm talking about.

Problem is, he can't touch, no one can. not even me, I am walking around the world holding my arms away from my body at all times and sort of creating a "dance space" that no can enter, cause the sisters are sore.

And my bras are starting to not fit. I hope that the velocity of boob growth during pregnancy doesn't have anything to do with how many kidney beans (that's what size it is today) are in there. With the munches I never gained a full cup size and most of my bras continued to fit with no problems.

It has me both worried and hopeful, because both of those baking experiences were very similar, this one has been totally different. I'm hoping for a boy, I've always wanted a son named Daniel that I can sing "Oh Danny Boy" to when I'm rocking him to sleep, (yeah, yeah, it's sappy, shut up)

My little Widget guy changed yesterday. He looks less like a blob and more like a shrimp. Yesterday I was thinking about the movie the Matrix. Remember how Mr. Smith puts the bug into Neo's belly button? I was going to draw a funny comparison. However there are no good pictures of this. I know this because when I did a google image search of "Belly button bug probe, The Matrix" all that came up were a few patents on actual bug probes (creepy) and a picture of Susan Lucci on the red carpet (creepier!)

Also I felt better yesterday than I have in a  few weeks. Maybe things are starting to look up...more on that later.


Losing It said...

I never experienced the sore boob thing with my son, I hope they get less sore soon though!

Best part about pregnancy was the bigger boobs. Oh yeah, and the sweet baby too ;)

Laura Belle said...

You are so hilarious. Your post make me giggle all over the place.

I'm hoping for a boy for you too!

Amanda said...

No sooner would I get two lines on a pregnancy test than I would have to go up a cup size. And word on that impenetrable dance space. YEEOUCH!!! Two boys here, so maybe there's something to it?

Amanda said...

ouch!!! I have a large rack and they run into things all the time! I am not sure I would enjoy mega sore boobs!

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