Let's Talk Tacos

I -love- tacos. Real tacos, Taco bell tacos, my Midwest-white-girl-homemade tacos. MMM-mmmm, love me some tacos. Which brings to my major dieting lamentation. Taco shells are like diet kryptonite. Soft or hard shells are both equally awful. I've found a 100 calorie flat-bread substitute, but (unless I'm drunk or have decided not to care about the difference), it's like eating taco fixin's inside a thin sheet of wet cardboard. I need to find an economical taco shell substitute to enjoy my taco awesome. I have this great idea for grinding up veggies and adding taco seasoning to replace the meat and and if it worked and I could find a lo-cal taco shell, I'd have a way to satisfy my taco desires without adding tonnage to my tush.Somebody help a girl out.

Okay, moving on.

I'm having a skinny latte for breakfast since the thought of solid food made me feel a bit seasick this morning. When I have a cold, solid food makes me a little green. So, did I mention I have a cold,(no really, it sucks) the symtoms of which, I'm trying to manage without internal medications. So Vicks, saline spray, and cough drops are the only comforts I have, well, and my daughters' super awesome elephant humidifier. I hate that feeling when you wake up in the middle of the night and your mouth is so dry that your tongue sticks to itself and you feel like Jim Carrey in Me, Myself and Irene.

Ele the Phunt helps with that, blowing a stream of water mist over my bed to help keep me from dreaming about empty cups and broken straws. (for serious, this a reoccurring nightmare when I'm sick. I'm so thirsty and there are cups everywhere but most are empty and the ones that aren't have broken straws.)

I need to clean my house tonight, but I doubt it will happen, I'll probably just make some chicken soup and lay on the couch feeling miserable. But, I have the munches who will bring me bottles of water and a new book to read ( I love you Jennifer Wiener!) so it's not all bad.


goddessakl said...


If you can find masa flour at the store, this recipe makes 15 tortillas that have about 50 calories and .5 grams of fat each.

I don't know if it's worth it to you to make your own tortillas, but the recipe looks really simple, just time consuming. The reviews say that using a tortilla press is easier and they're cheap, if you wind up making these a lot.


Ana said...

Mmmm, tacos! How can something so innocent be so bad for you? You'd think that a corn torilla would be pretty healthy...nope! If you find a good substitute, please let me know...especially if it's crunchy...

I hope you feel better soon! Sometimes a liquid breakfast is good if it helps your stomach. Get better soon Ninja!

Losing It said...

Soft corn tortillas are around 50 calories a piece (I'll get you the brand I buy). They aren't the same as flour, but they work. I feel better having 3 corn tacos instead of just 1 flour. I dunno why. Mental I'm sure.

Mexican food is such a favorite, we have it at least once a week in our house.

Feel better!

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