a few mentionable things

- the heatwave in the mid-west continues and I feel like my brain is melting.
- the munches fish died and they told us they don't want a new fish, because fish will just die. (this does not bode well for future pet endeavors)
- operation spare room has been completed, the last load of crap went to the dump and the goodwill and now the room is ready to be used.
- I have a secret.  It's a big secret.
- Pumpkin's party is coming along really well and several sainted members of the extended ninja family have offered to bring things like food and extra wading pools. (I love my family)
- My new job is going very well. I am getting to the point where I am no longer terrified to make decisions. Being a manager is hard, but I believe I am going to be just fine.
- I have been eating (within my calorie limit, mind you) a bunch of crap recently and I have spoken with Jeeves who is going to encourage me and help me get a handle on the sonic caramel sundae addiction I have developed. Seriously I will forgo meals to have enough left at the end of the day to drive up to sonic and inhale a caramel sundae. Now, I know that it's not terrible to have some ice cream every once in a while but this has gotten out of hand. So I bought a dry erase boardthat fits on the back of the visor in the car. I wrote, "Ice cream will make you fat, Nellie" on the back of it and last night I did not have a sundae, I ate a skinny cow ice cream sandwich, drank some water and finished the day well under my new 1800 calorie limit.
-Amazingly the new calorie increase has not helped my lethargy. Well, it's really not that amazing, if you know my secret. 
-Tonight I am making the munches some pumpkin-zucchini pancakes, which are super yummy, and taste like dessert in spite of the fact that they have a crap ton of veggies hidden in them, (Thank you Jessica Seinfeld!)
- Jeeves and I went out on a date last night, We went for dinner at TGIFriday's and then to the Lifeway bookstore. It was a fun date and I found several bargain priced books to keep my personal development going. I've sort of decided that as I read non-fiction, personal growth type books, I am going to discuss them here. I feel like being healthy is not just about the food you eat, or the way your body looks, but also about your heart and mind feeling healthy as well. So be prepared for my grown up book reports pretty soon.
- Oh? Did you want to know my secret? Check out my new page at the top of the blog called Baking, you'll figure it out...


Kelly said...

AAhhhhh!!!! How exciting!! Congratulations to you!!!!! :)

Miss April said...

The pumpkin zucchini pancakes sound delicious.

Ana said...

Congrats on Baby Ninja!!! I hope you're feeling great and that the heat will turn down for you soon :) Aw, a baby!! That just gave me a warm fuzzy for the day :)

Carbie Girl said...

Oh GOODNESS, congrats!!!!!! You baked urself a bun in the oven ;) Excitingggg :0)

Losing It said...

Hooray! how exciting!!

I guessed it at the first big secret - ;)


Jacqui said...

congrats on a new ninja on the way!!

Amanda said...

HA! I knew it! I read the comment on my blog and new instantly!

I don't have that secret and lady all I want is ice cream right now! I don't even like ice cream!

Ice Queen said...

Hah! I knew it, the moment I read that you had a secret! Heh heh. I are psychic. :D

Congratulations on your sweet little bundle of baby-ness to be!

Jennifer said...

Congrats Ninja! Looking forward to seeing your bump at xmas! :-)

Amanda said...

Eat slowly.

Gosh..beets would be a great thing for you right now. Full of good stuff! Try roasting them for sure. I just use pam and then drizzl olive oil after they are served. Oh and sea salt while roasting. They do take a fair amount of time and if you are roasting with other foods put them in a different pan. Unless you like tunips to turn pink!

So excited to hear about your pg life. We'd like to try again soon ourselves!

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