My Cherry Pie

I ended up at Mom's last night becuase of the crazy weather (tornadoes and hail don't mix well with mobile homes) so I didn't get to the gym, damn.

I intended on going to Piyo this morning but Jeeve's ended up working late (he got home 5 minutes after the class started), so that plan went down the toilet.

Today I worked from home so I could work on my house and make some cherry pies. I made cherry pies for the friend of my father's wife who is working on my kitchen. I may have mentioned that Mutti is moving at the end of May and she does not have room in her new kitchen for her uber-cool, really huge fridge. So I'm getting it, cause she loves me. Problem is that my cabinets are too low, so I'm having them taken down. The guy was so cool, said it wouldn't be much work and that if I'd bake him a cherry pie he'd do it for free. Hot Damn!

Lie: I told the guy I had made cherry pies before.
Truth: I've never made a cherry pie in my life.
Fact: These pies look and smell so damned good that even though I don't really love cherry pie, I kind of want to eat a big piece out of them before he gets here and blame it on my kids.(no worries, I'm going to be strong, beside there are strawberries in my fridge, and I'd much rather eat those.)

I made the crust and filling from scratch, and it turned out beautifully. I made the poached egg and zucchini dish again today and did get a picture. I'll upload it and the recipe I used to the recipe blog tomorrow along with a picture of the pie. So far it's been a weird day, but a good one.


Julie said...

I used to make cherry pies, been awhile.
Keep up the great baking and cooking. You're spoiling your family. YEAH!!! for them.
Take care and have a blessed day.

Amanda said...

a new fridge!? Lucky!
I want a new fridge too!

I do enjoy some cherry pie from time to time! Not a huge sweet fan myself but when i do I like tart and sweet! Yum

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