So I didn't lose this week, I sort of knew that was going to happen, holding steady at 177, hoping that the extreme busy-ness of the week will lend to not snacking and better workouts. We'll see. I'm planning my menu for the week and shopping this evening to ensure that Jeeves and I both have the things we need to eat right. He is really sticking with this better style of eating. I'm proud of him. He is also really liking his new job, and I'm so happy he found something that works better for him.

PS: I've been giving in to grape cravings. I want them constantly, but only if they are sweet and cold. Last week I spent about an hour pulling grapes off of the vine and putting them in baggies and then in the freezer. I take them out on my way to work in the morning and after about an hour they defrost enough that they are soooooo good!

I made a pre-wedding cake for the sister of a friend yesterday. She is getting married in June and wanted to do a trial run with a smaller version of the cake she wanted, so we could tweak it for the wedding. It's going to be super-super cute. It's not traditional, it's round, 3 tiers with bright pink, green, orange and yellow icing and daisies all over it. I didn't take a picture but I am going to see if I can get her to send me one to show you all. This is going to be the month of cakes. Next week I am making one for my SIL, for her baby shower, it's going to have a nautical theme, I think I'm going to make a boat to put on the top. The week after that I have another cake to do, the birthday of the sister of a friend; but I'm not sure what it's going to look like yet.  Then I have Boogers birthday party on the 2nd of April. I'm going to see if Mutti will do that one, I'd rather not.

Stinker is cruising through this transition quite well. Booger and Pumpkin hate hearing her cry but otherwise they like her okay. Everyone is sort of getting to know one another and they are learning how to play. After going through Booger's clothes from last summer I've come up with a basket full of stuff that fits on Stinker pretty well.  Also my incredibly thoughtful friends have both purchased some things and gathered some lightly used things from their nieces and nephews to donate to the cause.

I am so touched at the outpouring of help and kindness we have received for this little girl since bringing her home. Both online and in real life the affirmations and offers of prayers, help and encouragement have solidified my resolve that we did the right thing. I'm not really surprised , the people I surround myself with are good people and this is the way I would respond if I knew of a child in need. You are all such lovely friends, and I'm so lucky to have you in my life. Thank you all.


LeAnna said...

wait a minute... when I read "pulling grapes off the vine" I thought you meant like off the vine out in the orchard. I was like woah! That's cool. Then silly me realized what you meant. Im lame but had to share that. Made me smile.

Amanda said...

I love yellow too! I don't wear nearly enough!
Do you like to eat your grapes frozen too! I hear people love em. I am not a grape fan myself. It's a texture thing for me really. Glad things seem to be coming together with little Stinker around. This will be great for them I think!

Tracey said...

So here I am being the mom and checking up on you. Thank you honey for getting me online. I don't know what I would do without your and your brother!

Call me Ishmael said...

what a wonderful thing you and your husband are doing! Hope it all continues to go smoothly. Enjoy your grapes!

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