Weighing In: Facebook

No news on the wieght loss front, still sitting at 176, This is me weighing in, like, "Hey! Ninja what do you think about..."

Issue 1- Facebook: and the way it is used today.
  • Point 1: Use fucking punctuation when typing updates that are more than one sentence long. I can't tell you how irriating it is to try to decipher 6 lines of words with no sentence structure, no punctuation and words like "effing" "TXT" and "ppl"
  • Point 2: The reason we pay therapists thousands of dollars is that they have specialized training, facebook is not an acceptable substitute for appropriate mental health care.
  • Point 3: Facebook is a social media; be social and realize that spewing juvenile nonsense out into the webisphere is not useful or appreciated.
  • Point 4: Does anyone else have a large number of "facebook" friends who are always, "sick" "tired" "so busy" or just plain whiney babies? Wow, if my life was that crappy I'd find a new hobby or try to get laid or something. I certainly would not stare idly at a facebook page clicking the refresh button hoping someone cares about my 4th "super bad headache" this week.
    • Note: I have posted about a headache before, and about my kids being sick. Really not knocking people who do it from time to time, just the constant bitching gets old.
  • Point 5 (mostly aimed at teenagers): The next time someone posts about how bored they are on facebook I am going to drive my children to thier house, drop them off with caffeine and playdough, and go to the gym. I can't remember the last time I was bored, or had nothing to do.
That is all.


Amanda said...

Few things raise my ire more than the abbreviation "ppl". I don't know why. It just makes me nuts.

Okay, using "concerning" as an adjective also creeps me out, but that's just the English major in me.

Amanda said...

moany people on facebook drive me batty!! It is the ones that are always mad and pissed off at the whole world. My husband doesn't really get on FB for that reason anymore!

Jennifer said...

Ninja you are so funny. And these are some of the reasons why I closed my facebook account.

Julie said...

I don't do facebook, my space, twitter or anything else. I have a facebook but only to keep tabs with my BIL, SIL and neices and nephews but only go on once every couple of months. I hate all that extra stuff so just better to stay away. I so understand your thoughts.
Hope all is well, take care and God Bless!!

Ice Queen said...

Points one through four: Amen, Sistah!

Point five: Bwahahahaha!

Text speak, no capital letters, lack of punctuation and failure to at least click spell check drive me frakking batshit insane. Most people have phones with good keyboards, now. If they are using Facebook on their phone, they can still type whole words, use punctuation and capital letters. I do. If I can do it, anyone can. :D

Ronnie said...

AMEN! lol

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