Sunday Night.

Went to the store with mutti and the munches for some supplies for the next week or so of challenge meals. Did really well today in spite of a wicked case of the hungries. When they would not go away I sat down with a half cup of non fat plain yogurt and a stack of celery. I munched until my teeth hurt and I was no longer hungry. At least it was under a hundred calories total, I doubt that's going to blow anything for me.

It occurred to me as I was sitting in my den playing peggle this morning at 7:30 am, that having your shit together does wonders for your stress level. I didn't have that dread feeling in the pit of my stomach thinking I had stuff to do for work that wasn't done, or that I should be cleaning the kitchen. I felt completely at peace knowing that a half hour of video games was perfectly alright, and since the munches were still in bed, I was all alone, Score!

When I found out stinker was coming a prepared for the insanity that would come along with her, I put some systems into place that  been amazing. A successful habit change to cleaning my sink out each night before bed and a schedule of getting laundry done that keeps both my clothes un-wrinkled and my closet floors clean are among the two most awesome changes.

This week I am tackling my spare room again, I keep starting this process only to be side tracked half way through. I am going to do one hour a day of organization and each day I am going to take one bag of junk out of the room and take it to the salvation army on my way to work. I think at the end of the week I'll have a clean room and be ready to tackle the storage space in my Mutti's basement. She's moving to an apartment and I need to finally be an adult and get the rest of my shit out of her house.

Tomorrow I'm taking the munches to the nursury at the gym and going back to the PiYo and Drills classes that I have missed for the past three weeks. It'll be good to get a nice sweat on. Funny, I used to hate sweating. Didn't like being the chubby uncomfortable sweaty looking girl. Now when I sweat it makes me feel awesome, like everyone can see how hard I'm working instead of how hard it is for me to get around in the world.

Boy, I can be long winded when I havn't got much to say.


Amanda said...

Here's to having our shit together!!!!

I feel a little bit of the same for this week...at least. I have meals planned for the week. I have workouts planned for the week and I am ready to stay on track!

We'll see about next week! lol

Julie said...

That's awesome. It does make things so much easier when you finish up the night before. I am terrible with my laundry, even being at home it doesn't get done like it should.
I so love the names for you family. I'm terrible at nick names, everyone is just who they are.
I just tried sending you a reply to your comment but it came back to me.
Take care my friend. God bless!!

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