Operation Spare Room: Phase 1

Day one of the great spare room clean-up has gone without a hitch. This morning I did a late start at work and spent about and hour and a half separating garbage/keep/donate into piles on different wall of the room. I bagged up the trash, and it is ready to go into the dumpster as it fits each week. I also bagged up all the donate items, Old toys, clothes, various crap and loaded it into the Batmobile and drove it to the goodwill. You should have seen the guys face when I started pulling out the bags. I filled about 7 grocery carts full of crap from my house.
I feel like I've gotten a good start. Tomorrow I am going to go through the piles of things I'm keeping and organizing them to be packed into the spare bedroom closet. The rule is that if it does not fit into the spare room closet it cannot stay.

It turns out that I have to go through the shit in my mother's basement. Gadzooks! there's a lot of crap down there, I see a garage sale/flea market in my future. Maybe more than one. Cripes

So last night I got to do my two hour workout with Piyo and Drills, today I can feel the hurt coming but am doing some cardio and another horrible session with Jillian to keep up the momentum. Pumpkin and Booger went to the Nursery at the gym and were very upset that they didn't get to go to class with me, so when we came home and I put on a latin dance workout DVD and they "danced" around for an hour. They enjoyed it and then we all went to bed early. Great for me, not so awesome for sleepy Jeeves who was at work until after 4 am. Porr guy.

Tonight my Brother, SIL and Niece are coming over to start the seedlings for our garden this summer. I am making them dinner and then we are going to plant our little peppers, squash, tomatoes and herbs in Dixie cups to grow indoors until mid-may when the calender says is a good time to transplant them into the actual garden.

We are doing raised beds and I found a really easy template for using cinder blocks to make a small raised bed. The girls wanted to grow flowers so we are growing marigolds because they are supposed to help keep the bunnies away. I am growing grape tomatoes so I am going to end up putting up a temporary fence to help them stay vertical.

This garden, tonight's activities, cleaning my house; these are all things that I have come to realize would not have happened had I not decided to make those small changes with house cleaning and work. I'm happier, I don't have CHAOS (Can't Have Anyone Over Syndrome), I'm getting things done that I've always wanted to do. I have another cake order for this weekend and I am doing a bake sale at the end of April to drum up business and benefit the MS society.  I'm thinking this could be a lovely and very busy summer.


Amanda said...

can you come work on my house next!!?

Brittany_Va-VoomVintage said...

That's the best feeling ever!! When Pj and I did it a few months ago, we got rid of 22 bags of garbage and two car loads of donations. It was AWESOME!!! I said I lost 500 pounds in two days *lol*
Pj is really looking forward to dinner tonight. He feels very yucky and could use some of big sis' chili!!

Kelly said...

I can't wait to start on my garden! It's so much fun!

Amanda said...

Crumb, I really should have done something about a garden. Yipes!

Julie said...

You are doing such a great job. I am proud of you. You are rocking along with all your new goals.
Keep it up my friend.
Take care and God Bless!!

Dr. Fat To Fit said...

My kiddos LOVE to grow things. You'll have so much fun. Especially things they really can eat that they planted and grow. It's amazing how excited they can get over a tomato. Have fun.

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