Let's Be Honest

I didn't abstain completely on Saturday, but I didn't overdo it either. We had a good time and I saw some epic boobs, the woman had bedazzled them and was showing them to everyone. Keep in mind that it was below 40 degrees out. I'm sorry but no one's nipples are happy to be outside when it's below 40 degrees. It's a fact.

I also have a short rant about douchie dudes at the parade. FYI: When you are six and a half feet tall and standing at the front of the crowd, it is a dick move to stand up on the barrier fences to catch every set of beads thrown in your general direction. Also, realize that there are people behind you, when you attempt to do yoga poses to catch beads that are heading to the poor bead-less suckers behind you and you FALL ON THEM!!!!, you should
A.) realize you are being an ass
B.) Apologize for maiming people, and
C.) Just cut that shit out, Chief

Apart from the unfortunate ass kicking by Drunk Yoga Joe, the day was awesome. I had some light beer and a few jello shots. We found a Cajun-ish restaurant and I had red beans and rice and a salad. Very light meal but perfectly spicy and delicious.

Last word on the topic: I'm pretty sure the intense shivering that happened while I was at the parade resulted in a calorie deficit somewhere in the neighborhood of 3 zillion. Seriously, totally freaking cold. I was wearing four layers of clothing, thermal and fleece, plus two hats, and jeans, I was mostly okay until about the last half hour we were there. I lost some circulation in my hands and got low grade windburn on my cheeks, no lasting issues today.

I'll try to find some photos, my desktop is being a bitch right now so picture might be a few days out.
Happy Monday Everyone!

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Amanda said...

Sounds like you had a blast!! Well, other than weird yoga bead-hog dude.

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