The Rodent that Wasn't

Not much new on the diet front, still pluggin along, Going to the gym tonight, for a turbo kick class, then some running on the treadmill. Gonna see if I can do it, I bet I can.

Jeeves tried to convince me to buy the munches a hamster last night. I said no, not because I am opposed to rodents, quite the contrary I would love to own one, however, Booger and Pumpkin are tiny evil geniuses and I can imagine this happening...
Pumpkin: Mommy?
Ninja: Yes dear, what do you need?
Pumpkin: Where's the Hamster?
Ninja: In the cage, baby.
Pumpkin: No, Booger opened the door. Now the hamster ran away.
Ninja: WHAT!!!
Pumpkin: Yeah, he runs really fast, and he spilled water on the floor (actually peed on the floor)
Ninja: What! What!!!
The conclusion of the story no doubt finds me carefully cutting the lining off the couch to retrieve the dead hamster who made a nest and then ate one too many mini m&m's and stroked out.

Happy Tuesday All.


Jennifer said...

I think a zhu zhu pet would be better. I'm with ya on that one.

Sarah G said...

No small mammals for us either. One cat, one dog, and two 1 gallon fish tanks w/ one fish each is enough!

Stone Age Drifter said...

Tag Helene!

Yes, your BABY brother has his own blog now. I can definitely see that scenario playing out. In my opinion rodents are primarily snake food. Anywho, enjoy the treadmill. see you later.

LeAnna said...

Oh no! I guess that ranks right up there to what my mom did when we were growing up. We lived in the Mojave (or however you spell it) desert in California. My mom but our bird in its cage on the back porch one day to get some fresh air. Well she forgot about it and it essential froze to death that night. :(

Anonymous said...

Oh dear. Our very spoiled dog, Amber, is enough for us to handle. I couldn't deal with anything smaller. LOL

als said...

Thank you for the laugh -- I needed that! Yeah, no hamster in this house either.

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