Happy Monday!

So, I posted last week about the MS society Mud Run that I am going to be taking part in. I was out this weekend with my mother's family and was telling them about my Bake Sale idea and sort of asking them to think about contributing. Well, during one lunch I raised 55 dollars. My family rocks! I am going to bake some nice things for them to say thank you, but they didn't even tell me what they want so I'll have to guess. Apparently when I register, there will be a web page set up to take donations online, which is pretty cool too. I will link it here when it gets set up, so if anyone is interested in donating a dollar or two they will be able to.

I'm not doing anything terribly romantic tonight. We don't have sitter so Jeeves, Pumpkin, Booger (who is still sickly) and I will be eating dinner together and then finding a movie to watch on netflix. The munches were awake when I left for work this morning, so they should be nice and sleepy around 10. This will give Jeeves and I some time to...well...maybe we'll clean out the spare room, or play Farkle, hehehehehe, just kidding.

I had a hell of a weekend. Friday night I did Zumba class, then got up Saturday Morning and did another one. Saturday afternoon I went to the 1st birthday party of my youngest nephew. There was cake, but I only had a few bites. Saturday evening I went to a friend's birthday party which was awesome. We played Demolition Ball, which is like a mix of bumper cars, whiffle ball, hockey and lacrosse. It's super fun, but rough on your body. The list of things that still hurt today is so long that I'd do better to tell you that the webs of the toes on my left foot and my right nostril are the only parts of body not in pain.

Yesterday we went to lunch at Fast Eddies's Bon Air. It's a Saint Louis institution, even though it's in Alton Illinois. My family goes there a few times a year, typically for some one's birthday and always for their 21st birthday. It's a tradition. I was there on my 21st birthday, it wasa blast. As the first grandchild I was the first to turn 21 and the whole family delighted in attempting to get me knackered. They have food for insanely cheap prices and it's all good, brats and fries for 99 cents, Pork and Steak Kabobs that taste like heaven and the coldest beer in town.

It was a good, busy weekend.

Happy V-Day Everyone, I hope you have a wonderful romantic evening, if that's your style.
If It's not, well, then I hope you don't get rope burns from being tied to the bed, lol

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Patrick said...

Rope burns would be bad, on any day, valentines day buzz kill rope burns definitely are. Not speaking from experience.

Reading allot of fun in this post. That is very good!

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